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Wales Retreat - What a Treat!

posted Aug 9, 2014, 3:16 AM by Fernando Echeveste   [ updated Nov 4, 2014, 3:45 PM ]

I just came back from a retreat in Wales organised by Miguel Chavez and Kat Bumbul. Miguel, who is my Reiki Master and a very good friend invited me over and since he knows I'm a Qigong instructor, he asked me if I could teach at the retreat. I gladly accepted. Little that I knew that from that moment, things started to get in motion in the Universe to ultimately deliver one of the richest experiences in my life.
The Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfalls in the Berwyn Mountains is a beautiful, magical place in Wales. Going there with a group of 20+ people from different backgrounds, coming from different ways in life and with different personalities, ideas and perspectives in life, was even more magical and memorable. Since day 1 when we met in West London to catch the mini bus that would take us there, my experience from beginning to end was incredible.
The unfold of events was superb, starting by saying 'Hi' to old friends and meeting new people. The conversation during my journey with the person sitting next to me was lovely, rich and insightful. Then arriving at the place and meeting other people, having the first meal and knowing and feeling that it was cooked with dedication and so much love. Finally, after arriving late and tired, having a good, sound sleep. The way my day ended was just a little taste of what it was coming in the following days.
The next days were sublime and very inspiring. The Reiki shares and the Gong bath meditations were great. It was chilly at the Yurt and my body was cold but the bath took me to a different place where I was under the sun, relaxed and calmed, resting in a beautiful meadow with a million flowers. Total bliss that lasted long after the sessions. My soul was having so much joy and I was receiving so much love and kindness from everyone that my only intention during the retreat was to reciprocate in the same way.
I'm very grateful for this experience. Thanks to Tomas for taking us there and bringing us back safe in the mini bus. Thanks to Miguel and Kat for their love, passion and dedication. Thanks to Eywa and Rima for the delicious food they cooked for us and thank you to you all for your kindness and for everything else you shared (the laughs, the smiles, the hugs, the chats, the walks, the anecdotes, the stories, the knowledge, the experiences, etc). This retreat has been one of the richest experiences in my life. Thank you for a super magical time!!
"Merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again. May the circle be open and for ever unbroken, may the love of the goddess be forever in your heart." (Thanks to Melissa Stanton for sharing this with us).